Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 2 - Supreme Team Challenge

WOW!!!! I'm gobsmacked that I made it through to round 2 of the Supreme Team Challenge!!!

With all of those talented ladies I thought for sure I would be left behind and now I'm nervous to see what kit I'll be working with this week.

On the subject of the Brownie Scraps Designer Competition, I do not think I will be continuing in this because I'm really not sure how it could benefit me to win, I'm not a designer and really have no intention of becoming one, I'd much rather use the wonderful kits of the designers already out there. So sorry if you came looking for another week's kit in the Comp .... there are others in that comp that want to win much more than I do, although it was alot of fun and I got some wonderful comments and HEAPS of views (don't know where they all came from!!) it's better to let it go.

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